Your Nextlevel superpower

Nextron is a powerful Minecraft plugin which is meant to replace any other plugins you use at the moment. It has beautiful GUI's that simplify the process for many users because they don't have to use complicated commands.

See what you're able to do with Nextron.
Some very powerful features.
Custom GUI's.
Nextron includes custom guis where you can manage your homes, server warps, ranks and your user settings.
  • done feature toggle
  • done user settings
  • done rank manager
Tons of commands.
Nextron has tons of useful utility commands that makes your life as a player or server admin a lot easier.
  • done utility
  • done mechanics
  • loop continuously expanding
Multiple languages.
Nextron comes with two languages at the moment but theres planned to be more in the future. If you want to help me translate the project join my discord.
  • done english
  • done german
  • loop more to come
Fully documented.
Nextron has an extensive wiki where every section is explained to you, from the commands to the permissions and configurations.
  • done support
  • done permissions
  • done commands